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Important information to customers-Terms and Conditions
Important information to customers-Terms and Conditions

1. If the quantities of items exceed what have been quoted, an additional charge will apply for each of the piece.

2. Client is responsible for packaging the small items and belongings. If the client has not completed the packaging at the removal date and assistance is needed from our workers for packaging as for a smooth removal, we reserve the right to charge an additional packaging fee.

3. The service charge does not cover expenses such as parking fee, bridge fee, and tunnel fee. It will be paid by the client.

4. The maximum compensation is $300 for any lose and damage incurred during service. We recommended clients to insure any valuable items individually

5. Before and after moving services, it is customer's responsibility to count and confirm the number of items. If there are any questions it should be raised immediately. Once the staffs have left the unit, the company will not take any actions for any further requests.

6. Moving charge will be increased by the complexity of service, such as elevator is not available; going through a long platform or stairs is required to reach the elevator; items are not able to fit into the elevator and have to be moved from stair; parking lot is more than 30 meter away from the building; items needs to be hoisted.

7. Our moving service does not cover disassembling or assembling any of the water, electricity or gas appliances.

8. Our company provides service according to the pre-arranged time. However, this is not part of the service agreement and we are not responsible any loss and damage causing by the delay of our service.

9. If customers need to re-schedule the moving date after confirmation is made, 2 days prior notice is required. Otherwise, minimum HK$500 or 20% of the price of quoataion will be charged for the compensation.

10. The quotation is for reference only. Adjustment on any service charges will apply according to the actual conditions.

11. We strictly forbid our workers on demanding for service tips.

Important information to customers-Payment Methods
Important information to customers-Payment Methods
1. Cash
2. Cheque
Please make cheque payable to :
[Canaan Moving Co. Ltd.]
Receipt will be mailed, emailed or faxed upon receiving the payment.