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  • We do not have branches or franchise
  • No matter what kinds of moving problems and requirements, our professional teams can resolve them for you
  • we are professional in the field
  • We believe that all our customers are unique and important
  • if you need over sea relocation, contact us.

Canaan Moving -Donation Information
Canaan Moving -Donation Information
Moving service charge is computed based on the quantity of items &furniture.There is also extra cost to dispose furniture or any items. Have you considered donating your usable furniture and goods to the charity organization? It both saves money and helps people who are in need.

The following charity organizations accept reusable house devices &furniture:

Industrial Relations Institute
Community Recycling Coop
St.James Settlement
Christian Action
Crossroads Global Distribution
Canaan Moving -Packaging Tips
Canaan Moving -Packaging Tips

1) Pack all the items with proper packing materials (E.g. wardrobe boxes and plastic bags). Identify the contents of each box on the exterior for easy reference while in storage or transit (For example: Kitchen tools, bathroom goods and etc��) If items are in the priority for use, please label it properly and notify our movers.

2) Please specify ��breakable goods�� on the exterior of boxes for movers to pay careful attention to.

3) We provide boxes and plastic bags for packaging. Masking tape, bubble wraps, wardrobe boxes and etc are available for purchase.

4) Pack the computers, hi-fis, electronic devices in their original packages if available. Or wrap all the individual parts properly with bubble wraps.

5) Seal up and wrap all bottled wine and beverages in bubble wrap. Pack the bottles vertically. Specify ��breakable goods�� on the exterior of box.

6) Fill the empty spaces of with paper, towel or clothe. It prevents breakage and makes the moving easier for our movers.

7) Seal up all bottled beverage. Keep the foodstuff in the fridge to a minimum. On the moving date, the foodstuff in the fridge must be cleared out.