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Canaan Moving-Specially Made Packaging Materials
Canaan Moving-Specially Made Packaging Materials

To protect your valuable items, we designed and tailor-made some of our moving tools and packaging materials. As part of moving service, we provide free basic packaging materials such as box and plastic bag.

1) Durable Plastic Bag:For storing clothes, beddings, pillow and etc.
2) Boxes:For packing books or any other miscellaneous items.
3) Bubble wrap:For wrapping glass items and any other breakable goods
4) Masking Tapes, plastic films and Kraft paper
5) Polyethylene Foam Wrap:For protecting valuable goods and furniture
6) Single face corrugated wrap-For protecting irregular shaped items for oversea packaging shipment.
7) Wardrobe box:With the wardrobe bar, it's perfect for hanging clothes.
8) Special Made Blanket:An environmental friendly way to protect the furniture and electronic
9) Straps:For tiding the furniture and goods tightly on the truck. It prevents damaging the product during transit.
10) Heavy Duty Straps:for hoisting.
11) Special made wooden cart:The wheels of the carts are specially imported- good quality, soft and shock absorbing. It minimizes the wheels scratching the floor.
Canaan Moving-Price Computation
Canaan Moving-Price Computation
To achieve accuracy, fairness and competitive pricing, we compute the price in a unit of truck and offer free on-site quotation upon request. For more information on our pricing, please contact us immediately.